Speech & Language Part 2.

So if you have read my other blog posts you’ll know that Joshua is currently having speech and language therapy. I wrote about our first session here

Now I planned to blog after each session but to be honest there wouldn’t have been enough to write about. So I thought I’d wait a few sessions before blogging further.
While each session has a sort of theme I think the time they give you is a little short. It’s probably about 40 mins and as most children learn through play….funny enough in those 40 mins you play!

Over the last two sessions we covered a few main topics, these were;

– asking questions

– Turn taking

– Commenting on what they are doing

So asking questions, now I for one was always asking Joshua questions. Do you want to go to the park? Etc. Apparently for children that have limited understanding this is a no no. It confuses them it they don’t fully understand the question. So let’s me honest most children always want to go to the park, so instead of asking. I now just say ‘We’re going to the park’ clear instructions are a lot easier for them to understand.
Another tip I picked up that was in relation to the above; if you constantly ask ‘what’s this?’ And they don’t know the answer, they might start to think loads of items are called what’s this! 😂 I found this hilarious but it actually made perfect sense!

Turn taking – now this is a prime example of learning through play. In the 2nd session we did lots of turn taking throughout the chosen activity (building bricks), making sure we commented throughout ‘mummy’s turn’ ‘Joshua’s turn’ the S&L Therapist explained that in time this will teach Joshua to take turns in conversations.

Commenting on what they are doing – this is something we have done throughout most of the sessions we have had. It gets very repetitive lol, but I’m sure it works. I’ve probably said ‘look Joshua’s building blocks’ about 32 times! 😂 constantly repeating what they are doing means eventually they will remember lol. They recommend you do this with all tasks/activities your child is doing.

Now all these things seem quite simple, but you’d be surprised at how little things can make a difference.

This week Joshua said his first sentence! ‘I want more Raspberries’ and ‘I want dad’ – piss take I know!!

Who knows if it’s the Speech & Language Therapy or maybe Joshua would have developed this at this stage anyway, but regardless I’m glad we’re seeing progress.
Hopefully we’ll see further progress and I can share more tips with you guys!!


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