About Me

Firstly, let tell you a bit about myself…I’m 27 and currently live in Queens Park, west London with my partner and our son, Joshua who is 2 years old.

I work full time as a Senior Housing Officer for a Housing Association based in Camden which can be demanding at times! Between myself and my partner we are a multi cultural mix of: English, Jamaican, Botswanin, Colombian and French so we are basically children of the world! lol We are two young first time parents, just trying to not mess up!! The joys of parent life!

I’m in love with fitness, food, family, travel and anything Disney 🙂 ..big kid.. I know hahaha

As I work full time, I spend my time juggling work, having fun with Josh, working out and attempting to try and remain cool by socialising with friends and pretending I know what they are on about when they talk about a new song, event or festival. Last but definitely not least I spend my time with my other half keeping the romance alive! lol

I started this blog in April under the name Queens Park Mummy, but after some thought I decided to change the name and the site!

I have loved writing this blog and have also started vlogging too! Its a great way to say sane and to also share all our ups and downs.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I want to share my trials & tribulations, happy moments, sad moments, my love for fitness, food… anything really…Just me ..