Are you tough enough?

When my cousins asked me in January if I wanted to join their team and do Tough Mudder I jumped at the chance! I thought yes I live for this sh*t!!I love anything that is a challenge in any aspect of life, but there is something about pushing yourself mentally and physically that I find amazing.As the time grew nearer I stepped up my training as I wanted to make sure I had enough endurance to finish the race in a competitive time.None of us had completed the course before so we were all Mudder Virgins together.On game day, I woke up early and made sure I had a good breakfast of Chia Oats to fuel me for the day. I’m not going to lie, I had that nervous/excited feeling! I picked up my cousins and off we went to face our doom!When we got there we were pumped! We registered, dropped our bags off and headed to the warm up zone. As I looked around I was surrounded by people from all different walks of life. There were a lot of elite looking groups doing push ups in matching outfits. This is when I thought ‘Sh*t just got real’The warm up area is led by a Tough Mudder Staff member who explained the rules and health and safety bits and finally did a few stretches as a large group. I imagine this is what Zumba looks like, it mostly just made us look like idiots but it was fun and loosened us up a bit.As we heard the start shout, I was apprehensive but excited. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins, we started off at a steady pace and within a couple miles we were at our first obstacle. The Wall. I prayed earlier that the first one was easy, to give me confidence for the rest. I boosted the other girls up (they are all under 5ft 3 I’m 5ft 7) and I flew over the wall like Spider-Man through New York City. This was exhilarating.As we ploughed through the course we were faced with, water, mud, tunnels, more walls, barbed wire…I suffered a few cuts and grazes but nothing serious.We had originally signed up to do the TM Half, which is 5 miles (8km) and 13 obstacles. We approached the penultimate obstacle and there we had reached a cross road. Continue on 2 more miles and finish or turn right and do the full course which was 12 miles (18km) and 20 obstacles. There is a time in everyone’s life when they will have a choice like this. Obviously we thought f**k it, we are warriors, do the full! We carried on and faced some of the hardest physical challenges I have ever faced. (Apart from giving birth 😂)I was amazed at the comradery that was shown by all participants. No men or women were left behind. You found yourself stopping to help people you’d never spoken to in your life. It was a breath of a fresh air to see people’s spirits high and full of team work.The big finish was a sprint through electrodes and yes you actually got electric shocks.We finished in around 3 hours, which I’ve heard is a good time!I collected my tshirt, headband and had my team photo. I had a massive sense of achievement and am super proud of myself. Coming from someone that around 6 years ago couldn’t run 1km on the treadmill I think I’m pretty amazing!We finished the day with dinner and a celebratory cocktail at Bills. We deserved it!

Shout out to my cousins who made it an amazing experience. Love you all!
So Tough Mudder- cash me next year, how bout dat! Love JadeXxX 

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