Bank Holidays

There are 8 bank holidays in the U.K. per year and although this is 4 more than in 1871 (random interesting fact) I think we should have more….We had my partners little sister, Amber over for a sleepover on Saturday night and this was our ‘two kids life’ taster! Whoever said having the second child isn’t that bad is a liar! Joshua and Amber love each other fiercely but they also fight like cat and dogWhen it was time for bedtime, Amber didn’t want to go to bed at all and then decided to get up 5 x in the night! Meanwhile Joshua slept until 7am!!! As the morning approached and there were 4 of us in our bed…my partner turned to me and stated ‘no more kids, one’s enough’ 😂When we dropped her off we also left Joshua for a few hours so my partner and I could go to the gym together and grab lunch. We don’t get to spend loads of time together alone so I’m grateful for the impromptu occasions.We trained hard and then grabbed a healthy juice to go.

I squeezed in a quick gym session on Monday morning before having a chilled day with Joshua. We even did some baking 🙂 I added a Recipe of the Month page, so check it out. 

We also went for Nando’s for an early dinner, this was lush! I haven’t had Nando’s in for ever… I opted for the Supergrain, 1/4 Chicken Breast & Grilled Corn on the cobb.

Tomorrow is back to normality, but hey at least it’s only a short week 🙂 Love JadeXxX 

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