Bank Holidazzzee

Normally my bank holidays are filled with lazing around but much to my joy we have had a fun packed weekend.
My mum had the day off on Friday so Joshua and I went to my parents house to have a fun filled day in the garden. As it was super sunny, we played in the pool, lazed in the hammock, sunbathed and had a fab BBQ. There’s no place like home after all ❤️

I even squeezed in a cheeky date night on Friday Night! 

On Saturday, we had a 1st birthday party to go to in Derby! Aka Farby!
Much to my joy Joshua slept the majority of the way there, we had a lovely day….I ate way too much cake but it was worth it. 

I spent about 3 hours trying to be the sugar police and keep Joshua away from eating an obscene amount of sugar. I failed most of the time.  I seemed to be the only parent doing this so maybe I need to chill out, I’m just scared of all his teeth falling out and I think he’s hyper enough lol! 
The journey home was not as easy, whinging was clearly Joshua’s favourite thing to do on the way home luckily there was no traffic.
Even though it was a long drive it was great to see all my family ❤️
With love from Jade

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