Dream as if you’ll live forever.

Following your dreams for most people does not come naturally. This maybe because they have a fear of failure, a fear of what other people will say or many other reasons.Living in a world where you do not follow your dreams is not living, it’s existing. You should always pursue your dreams whether they are big or small. Whether it’s going for a new job, starting a business, getting fit or any other life goal. Now, have dreams but have goals. Yearly goals, monthly, whatever works for you. To achieve these goals you must apply discipline and consistency. On the other side of hard work is greatness. I heard a saying last week that really resonated with me ‘If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room’. Surround yourself with positive strong minded people that you inspire to be like. The people you allow into your life can have a big influence on the decisions you may make. If the people that are around you do not support your dream or constantly bring negative energy around you then these are not the people for you. Do not be afraid to lose people along the way, true friendships will last a lifetime. Everyone is on their own journey in life, do not let people steer you off your path.Do not be scared of change. Embrace it. Do not be scared of challenges, they will change you for the better.There are several things that I want toachieve in life and as a mother I want to teach my child that anything is possible. Eat healthily, exercise, have fun, eat chocolate, fall in love and be kind to others even when they aren’t to you. More than simply a positive mood, happiness is a state of wellbeing that encompasses living a good life. 

This wasn’t my usual type of post but I hope you enjoy reading it ❤️With love from JadeXxX 

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