Dubai Trip – Part 1

Before we became a family of 4 we decided a nice family holiday was in order. Due to half the world still being off the cards for pregnant women due to Zika, we decided Dubai was a suitable destination for us. Before you say it, yes it was hot!

My partner and I already went on a baby moon in November to Sri Lanka, but I had horrible morning sickness so I was really looking forward to this holiday!

Joshua has been to a few places already, including Mexico, Turkey, Ireland and the Canary Islands so flying wasn’t as issue for him. However at almost 7 hours this was the 2nd longest flight he had been on. Mexico was hell as he was only 21 months, I’ve basically tried to block it out 😂

Anyway the iPad and food didn’t last long, he snapped his headphone wires after 3 hours, I knew I should have brought wireless ones! Joshua was very bored half way through and my other half has zero patience so the flight was fun lol! I’d say I give him a 6.5 on the behaviour scale lol

Anyway after a long journey we arrived in Dubai! 😍

We decided to stay at the Sofitel on The Palm, it is Devine! We stayed in one of their Junior Suites with a sea view! We also decided to do half board, as we thought this is a lot easier when you have small children, they have lots of great restaurants to choose from in the hotel and the food is actually gorgeous, none of the typical all inclusive crap. And trust me I’m a bit of a food snob!! 😍

The staff are great! They are friendly and very helpful!

I could write a huge long blog post just about the hotel, but that would bore you! So here are a few of my fave things about the hotel;

⁃ pool/beach area

⁃ Restaurants

⁃ Staff

⁃ Room size and room facilities

⁃ All day mini mart on site

⁃ Chemist

⁃ Shops

⁃ Free shuttle bus to the mall and Atlantis water park

⁃ Spa

⁃ Gym – my fave out of everything!!

⁃ Beach yoga

I said a few and ended up writing a whole list 😂 honestly that’s how great the hotel is!!

Check out my Instagram page – Holidays highlights for more hotel pics! 😍

Dubai vlog will also be up when I get back which features a room tour!!

All in all I would 100% recommend the hotel, it’s great for families, couples and friend groups! Something for everyone!

I’ll do a another full post on the trip when we’re back! So keep an eye out! 😍


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