End of the road…

I’m 37 weeks today, which means the baby is now considered full term 😱

Considering this is my second baby, and I’ve done this before, it still amazes and scares me that the baby could now come anytime.

A few of my friends and my other half have said they think the baby will come early, but because Joshua was 1 week late, I don’t think he/she will. I’m guessing 2 days late. But it’s all guess work lol!

I had my 36 week midwife appointment earlier on in the week. Which will be my last one, unless I go overdue. I will really miss these appointments, the midwives in the birthing centre are lovely and I love talking about babies and hearing the heart beat. This can 100% not be my last pregnancy 😂 ssshhh don’t tell my other half.

My blood pressure is back to being normal, which is good, having been low at my 34 week appointment.

Baby’s heart beat is healthy and happy, around 144bpm which scared my partner because the midwife said ‘fast heartbeat, sounds like a girl’ 😂 another old wives tale I think, but this had my partner desperately looking through baby centre forums to research!

If you have read my other posts you will know that we don’t know the sex of the baby, we didn’t know with Joshua either and I believe this makes it so much more special. I am completely neutral and not bothered if I have a girl or a boy, however my partner desperately wants another son! So we will see what we get on the day 😂

Baby is approx 7lbs already but this doesn’t shock me as Josh was 8lbs 10oz

Anyway, for the past couple weeks I have been suffering from pelvic pain! This has been horrible, as it’s a constant ache in my pubic area and then sharp shooting pains every few hours. Walking makes it worse, so I haven’t done much cardio lately. I mentioned this to the midwife and she said as this was my second baby, my pelvic area was slightly open already which allowed the baby to constantly head butt my pubic bone. Great! It’s nothing to worry about as I have no bleeding, it’s just painful for me!

I have started to take raspberry leaf tea capsules to ripen my cervix, I’ve also started to eat dates which apparently also ripens your cervix. All in hope of a speedy labour.

There are several other things I have been doing to prepare myself, you can read all about my labour prep here

I haven’t been going to the gym as much as I’d like in the last month. I’d say on an average I’ve only been going once a week! I’m hoping to go at least 3x a week over the next few weeks, however that will all depend on how I’m feeling!! I really miss the gym though, so I’m looking forward to getting back once the baby is born and my body has recovered from birth!

Total weight gain so far is 16kg!! That will probably by 18kg by the time the baby is born. BUT I’m up for the challenge, so I’m not letting this number get me down.

My maternity leave started this week, which has been so nice! I’ve even had an afternoon nap!!!

We brought a car seat, got the chicco me2u crib out the loft and sorted through some of Joshua’s old baby bits! It’s starting to feel sooo real!! 😍😍

My hospital bag is finally sorted!! I’ll be doing a full post on what’s in my bag and my baby essentials later on in the week 🙂

Until then…thanks for reading ❤️


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