Throughout the majority of my teen years I was slightly overweight… I really noticed this around age 19 when I could no longer fit into a size 14. I had a desk job, drove everywhere and absolutely love food!It was around this time I decided to make the change, I joined Weight Watchers and over a few months lost around 20lbs. I felt great, I could finally wear clothes that I hadn’t been able to wear all those years!I started going to the gym, but I was one of those girls that used to, run, do a few sit ups and then leave. It was as I got older I found my love for fitness. The rise of Instagram allowed me to follow amazing fitness models and be inspired. I started to really get into nutrition and weight lifting.When I got pregnant I continued my training, I was running 6km at 6 months pregnant. I even continued spin until 7 months and weight lifting until I gave birth!During my pregnancy I gained around 32lbs, so a fair amount. I didn’t put any pressure on myself to lose the weight straight away. I breastfed at the beginning so I think this helped a lot. I waited until around 6 weeks then I was back in the gym. I managed to get back to my pre-baby weight of 61kg after 8 weeks. Although this was not all due to fitness, as most mum’s I had a bit of the baby blues and probably didn’t eat a great deal. 🙁Once I was into a routine I felt much better. I’ve always suffered from anxiety and exercise has helped this a lot!I would encourage everyone to exercise, even if it’s only going for a walk. Here are a few benefits;Combats health conditions Improves moods Controls weightReduces anxietyReduces blood pressureBoosts energyPromotes better sleep According to statistics only 20% of women lift weights. There used to be a big stigma around women weight training, will I look hench and manly? 😂 The answer is no.Incorporating weight lifting into my training regime was probably one of the best things I have done. Women have much less testosterone than Men so it’s unlikely you will gain huge mass and look like The Rock!The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn when not exercising. It improves fat loss, posture and bone health. It also sculpts and curves your body and overall just makes you feel like superwoman 😍💪🏽I have days where I feel fat, days where I feel too skinny and hate my face. Just like every other woman in the world, but overall I’m happy with the progress I’ve made and I will keep striving for greatness. I try to eat a healthy high protein based diet…but as I mentioned I love food! 😂 so this does not always go to plan. 😜😋 everyone is allowed a treat! 

It’s hard when you work full time and are a mummy to workout as much as you’d like…I try to go 3x week. But I don’t beat myself up if I skip a few sessions. 

I love getting other women interested in fitness..I regularly post fitness videos on my Instagram, so check it out if your looking for a bit of fitspo!Ladies who lift ❤️❤️

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