Friday Play Dates

This afternoon Joshua and I went to a visit a friend who has a daughter his age for a play date.
When I say play date, this means the children fighting and playing and us Mummy’s catching up on gossip, discussing the latest Sam Faiers Mummy Diaries over a cup of tea and shouting ‘No’ every 5 mins…
My friend also has a 10 week old son so I spent a few hours getting womb ache! 
You forget how chilled babies are compared to psycho toddlers.
I’m convinced these two will still bicker even when they are 15! 😂

At around 4pm when we were on the way home, Joshua fell asleep in the car. Now usually I would not allow this at this time…I refuse for his bedtime to be past 9pm 😩 I confess I have turned up music and put his window down in the past 😂 don’t judge me!!
But…tonight I am out with the girls for I let him sleep away….sssshhh don’t tell Daddy!
Dinner Time and I realise we have zero food in the house so I resorted (for probably the 3rd time this week) in giving Joshua fish fingers for dinner..

A la fish finger… #lifesavers
Obvs I jazzed it up a bit….
Let’s hope he doesn’t stay up too late tonight….😉 
Love Jade

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