Gender Neutral

I turned 20 weeks last Sunday but my 20 week scan was today. We brought Joshua along as we are trying to get him as involved as possible before the baby comes. Also I think seeing the baby on screen helps him understand that there is a baby in mummy’s tummy!!

I forgot how long the 20 week scan is, not that I wasn’t grateful to see the baby for as long as possible but Joshua started to get a bit bored after about 15 mins and kept on getting on my coat and asking to go 😂 thank god I didn’t have to go with a full bladder like the 12 week scan. I would have probably wet myself if I had to do that now.

So everything was completely normal which we were happy to hear. The Sonographer couldn’t see the spine fully and as this is really important I had to go for a wee and jump around. When this still didn’t work I had to get on all fours and wiggle my bum!! I actually looked like a dog!! It was hilarious, Joshua kept on looking at me like Mum what are you doing!

Finally the baby moved and she could see the spine. All healthy 🙂

She then went on to ask if we wanted to know the sex. Now everyone is different but for us we have never wanted to know the sex of our children. We didn’t find out with Joshua and it was the most magical moment finding out. There aren’t many surprises in life so why spoil this one.

When you know the sex, most people have picked a name…so when the baby comes the only surprise really is the weight.

I might be more tempted if I found out nearer the end but at 20 weeks you still have quite a long way to go, so after the scan I think I’d be like ok is this it now 😂

Obviously everyone is different and no way is right or wrong. People always say to me….I couldn’t do that I want to be organised. Two words; gender neutral.

When I was pregnant with Joshua I just brought all whites, nudes, mint & yellow. To be honest there is something I love about a newborn baby all in white. Perhaps it’s symbolic. The purity of a newborn baby!

So now I’ve had my final scan and everything is ok, I think it’s time to do some gender neutral shopping 😍 White Company here I come.


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