Glutes, Glutes, Glutes…

In an ideal world I would train 5 days a week, but with work, being a mummy, a girlfriend and a friend…ain’t no body got time for dat! 😂So as I only train 3/4 times a week, I like to focus on my glutes and legs twice a week at least.Here’s a workout I did today with my bestie…Warm up – 10 mins on the stair machine 12 reps x 3 back extensions with weights (if you turn your feet out to an angle this targets your glutes as well as your lower back)12 reps x 3 single leg push down using the assisted pull up machine 10 reps each leg x3 Bulgarian spilt squat 12 x 3 deep squat with pulseWeighted Sprint Challenge – load it up until you can’t anymore!!!12 reps x 3 squat pulse walks with weights12 reps x 3Cable straight leg deadlift Followed by a quick abs circuit….and stretching of course…I’m not a qualified PT, so it is always best to consult one if you are a newbie to exercise…but if you’re not and want to join the build a bigger booty challenge then try it out!!

Love JadeXxX 


  1. Jane hariis
    January 3, 2018 / 7:01 am

    I’m obsessed with your blog currently 7am and I’ve binge read nearly everything! Admire your honesty and how u keep it real, this comes natrual to you keep up the good work!

    • jade
      January 3, 2018 / 8:08 pm

      Thank you so much!!! Xxx

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