Good vs Bad

Life is about balance. Good and bad, dark and light and good (healthy) food vs cheat meals!
A few people have asked me about these two recipes so I thought I would share them;
Good – Lentil Dahl with prawns, carrot, sweet potato and mushrooms
Bad – Broccoli & garlic mushroom cheesy bake
Lentil Dahl
I actually got the recipe from the BBC website and adapted it myself. The BBC Recipe is really easy to follow and really quick. I added carrots, mushrooms and extra garlic for my own touch!! Add these the same time as the sweet potato in the recipe. I also pan fried some jumbo prawns in garlic oil as an extra too!!
This recipe is suitable for veggies & vegans! (Obvs without the prawns) It’s sooo yummy, packed with protein and it’s super healthy! The recipe also makes a fair amount so I normally take it for lunch too!

Now let’s talk cheat days. I usually have a mega cheat day on Sundays. Roast dinner and a pudding normally. Obviously I eat bad stuff during the week sometimes (like this week, it’s that time of the month!) but normally I like to eat healthy all week cheat on Sundays!
Last Sunday I decided I wanted cauliflower cheese with our roast. M&S had run out of cauliflowers so I decided to make my own version!
Broccoli & Mushroom Cheesy Bake
1 whole broccoli150g mushrooms3 garlic cloves1 red onion
For the sauce
50g butter50g plain flour500ml milklots and lots of cheese (I used mature cheddar)salt & pepper
Cut up the broccoli and place in a pot of boiling water for approx 3/4 minsDrain and place in a fairly deep baking dishdice the onions, mushroom and garlic and lightly sauté these in olive oil for a few minutes. Add these to the dish when cooked.for the sauce, heat the butter in a saucepan over a medium heat until the butter has melted, once it has add the flour and mix into a paste is formed cook or a few minutes to cook out the flour taste. Add the milk bit by bit stirring all the time. Once all the milk is incorporated, season with the salt and pepper to taste. Leave to boil for a few moments to thicken.add lots of grated cheese (approx 120g)stir into the sauce until melted pour the sauce over the vegetables in the baking dish.add extra cheese to the top Cook in a preheated (180 fan) oven for approx 35 mins or until the top starts to brown!serve hot and enjoy!!

Hope you enjoy both!!
Love Jade

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