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I met an old friend for dinner this evening and as she’s a vegan and as I’ve given up meat for lent I thought I’d suggest somewhere that was vegan friendly.
As ‘Veganism’ (I know that’s not a real word) is so in at the moment I knew there would be loads of cool spots to eat at.
Timeout kindly provided me with a list of fabulous vegan friendly restaurants in west London. I opted for Grain Store in Kings Cross as the menu looked yummy and reviews were positive.

When we arrived I was impressed with the open airy layout, gorgeous decor and pleasant ambiance. We were swiftly seated to our table and our lovely knowledgable waiter explained to my friend that all the highlighted options could be made vegan by swapping certain ingredients for vegan alternatives. I thought this was great, as the choices for vegetarians in most restaurants are limited so you can imagine what the vegan options are like.

Our wine was swapped for a vegan wine, Zobinger Heiligenstein Riesling 2012 from Austria (I had no idea until this evening that wine was made using a process involving fish bladder protein, gross I know!!) our veggies were also tossed in oil as opposed to butter 😊
We both opted for the vegan chilli con carne with coconut yoghurt and it was probably the nicest chilli con carne I’ve ever eaten! It very hearty and fulfilling….I would defo recommend.

The Tart of the day ended my night…a delightful apple tart served with creme fraiche!
The food was in the medium price range, with the mains averaging out at £15.00, sides at £5.00 and desserts at £6.00.  I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and was left feeling full and satisfied, which can sound surprising to most meat eaters! As a population we consume a ridiculous amount of meat, so I think the rise of these type of restaurants is amazing!
If you want to try something different and do your bit for the earth and all that, try it out…you wont be disappointed.    
I haven’t seen my friend in over a year and it was lovely to see her to catch up, drink wine and eat good food. It was good for my soul 🙂


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