Hospital Bag Checklist

One of my traits is that I like to be super organised, so I’ve had my hospital bag packed for weeks.

I’ve had a few first time mums ask me what to pack in their hospital bags, so I thought I’d do a checklist 😊

First things first…

The Bag

Some people like to bring separate bags, one for them, one for the baby etc. But I decided against that as it just seemed like two many bags. I brought a gorgeous hand luggage size suitcase from Primark which I’ve managed to squeeze everything in.

What to bring?

For the Baby

• Baby grows/Sleepsuits x 3/4

• Vests x 3/4

• Hat x 2

• Socks x 3pairs

• Blanket x 2

• Going home outfit

• Muslins

• Bibs

• Bottles (if you aren’t breastfeeding)

• Formula (if you aren’t breastfeeding)

• Nappies

• Newborn wipes

• Nappy sacks

• Barrier cream

• Dummy’s (if you plan on using them)

• Car seat

Now I would suggest bringing two variations of sizes incase your baby is big and doesn’t fit into newborn size. Joshua was 8lbs 10oz so he wore the up to 1 month size straight away. Most newborn sizes are up to about 7lbs 7oz.

The above sounds like a lot of clothes also, but depending on how long you stay in hospital you won’t know how many outfits you will need and a baby will go through several changes a day.

You will note I have put down bottles & formula. I plan to breastfeed so haven’t packed any of that, however most hospitals are funny about women not trying to breastfeed so will not provide formula so it’s best to be prepared.

Also wipes – midwifes will tell you to use cotton wool and water. Bollocks it doesn’t work especially when that first black tar comes through 😂 so make sure you bring newborn friendly wipes.

For you

• Nighty x 2/3

• Open shirt top if you plan on BF

• nipple pads

• Maternity pads

• Nursing bra

• Dressing gown

• Slippers

• Socks

• Nipple cream

• Going home outfit x 2

• Knickers

• Disposable knickers

• Phone

• Camera

• Charger

• Sweets/snacks

• Small fan

• Make up

• Toiletries

• Water bottle

• Hair stuff

• Towel

• Maternity notes

• Birth plan

• Music

When you write it all down, it looks like a a lot of shit 😂

A few things to note; I have been doing hypnobirthing so will be bringing my pregnancy pillow and some lavender oil. These will work as sensory anchors for me during labour. You may find you want to bring your own pillow etc to make you more comfortable during labour

Music – check with your hospital, but they may have speakers etc and you will just need to bring you phone/iPod etc.

Fan – the hospitals get HOT, so you may find this useful during labour. I brought mine from Poundland

Sweets – these can be good for you as well as your birthing partner to keep energy levels up

I absolutely love packing my hospital bag, because I’m a neek, I’ve probably re-packed it 5x 😂😂

If anyone can think of anything else I may have forgotten please comment below 😊


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