How I avoid stretch marks…

So a lot of people have said how lucky I am for not getting any stretch marks during my first pregnancy! To be honest it wouldn’t bother me if i had a few, as to me these are signs that you’ve made a beautiful baby!!

I actually have some on my bum and thighs from when I was a teenager, but I was lucky enough not to get any at all on my tummy during my first pregnancy and so far so good this time round.

We all know prevention is better than cure, so I thought I’d share my tips and the products I use….


If your skin is dry you are much more likely to get stretch marks, apart from the odd tea and coffee I don’t really drink anything else but water. I have an ALOR reusable bottle that I make sure I refill a few times a day, I find it easier that way to drink more water. I don’t always drink 2l but I definitely drink at least 1.5l daily.


I get quite dry skin anyway so I would never be able to not moisturise, I also can’t use water based creams, like dove etc as they just don’t work for me, my skin is dry 20 mins later. I use Palmers Coco Butter….the tub not the bottle. Some people will find this too thick but I find it really works and keeps my skin soft and hydrated.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant both times I up my routine. This includes moisturising my bump before bed, I also mix the coco butter in with oil (Bio oil, coconut, whatever works for you) before bed….EVERY NIGHT!!! without fail! So if you can imagine from 4 weeks – 40 my bump is getting a lot of moisture!!!

Weight Gain

Your skin stretches when your pregnant, obvs. But it’s understandable the more you gain the more your skin has to stretch. I am not one of those people that gains 1 1/2 stone and that’s it! I gained almost 2 1/2 stone with my last pregnancy and will probably gain the same or more this time round! However if you put on 5 stone your poor skin has to stretch somehow!!


This helps a great deal, if you try and keep some muscle tone this will help with your skin, as well as preventing you from gaining too much weight! Not everyone has to be a CrossFit Queen while they are pregnant, but even going for a walk, doing yoga or swimming will help!! Exercise has a positive effect on the elasticity of our skin, the more elasticity you have in your skin the quicker it will be able to go back to normal and will be less likely to mark.


So while we can all do the above and pray to the gods some of us will just be more prone to stretch marks than others. Like I said I was lucky to not get any…but maybe I should thank my mum! 😂

Anyway no one should be ashamed if you have any, we are all beautiful! Love the skin you’re in! ❤️❤️


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