How to survive a plane journey with a toddler!

I’m currently in Turkey with my partner and Josh and I thought I’d share a few tips I’ve picked up whilst travelling with Josh;There are obviously loads of things I could write but thought I’d give you my top ten.
1. Bring unlimited amounts of snacks and juice and I mean unlimited.
2. Bring books, colouring pencils and other toys
3. IPad loaded with Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol etc is essential! And a power bar incase your device dies.
4. Be prepared to want to scream at least 10x depending on your flight duration. 
5. Sit your little one by the window, furthest away from others…
6. Apologise in advance to those around you. 
7. If you are travelling alone with your little one, make friends FAST. They will feel sorry for you at least and help out.
8. Be organised. Know where everything is in your bag.
9. Take walks up the aisles when needed, you both need to stretch your legs. 
10. Last but not least. Try and be patient, the more flustered you get, they will too.Bonus. Remember to being spare clothes on the plane after all those snacks they will need it. I forgot this tip, so Josh looked like a homeless child.

The last time we travelled with Josh he was a NIGHTMARE! However this was an 11 hour journey to Mexico when he was 20 months old.On our flight to Turkey, Josh was surprising well behaved….well I thought so anyway, my partner disagrees. He even managed to stay well behaved on the coach journey to the hotel. I’m sure his brain must be fried from all this screen time! #YouTubeIsLife #NetflixDownloadsLittle tip; if you are travelling to Turkey, due to recent U.K. government changes you aren’t allowed to bring iPads, tablets, e-readers etc. on your outbound flight home so make sure you load your iPhone with various stuff 😉 Bring on the next few days. #HolibobCrew 

With love from JadeXxX 

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