Hypnobirthing – part 1

When I got pregnant with Joshua, I decided I was going to give hypnobirthing a try and it seemed like a great idea. Well the time flew by and before I knew it I was full term, and I know it sounds stupid but I literally ran out of time. I wasn’t organised enough to find a hypnobirthing teacher and give it a try.

Anyway this time round as soon as I got pregnant I thought I’m going to be much more organised! I started to do some research online and found a lovely hypnobirthing teacher that provided one on one sessions for a reasonable cost. A lot of them were hundreds of pounds and you had to do it in a group, which I didn’t want.

Prior to my first session, my hypnobirthing teacher sent me a relaxation tape that I could listen to, to get me use to her voice and basically to just relax. Omg you cannot even make it to the end without falling asleep!! It’s amazing!

So my first session was last month and I am going to have three in total.

I thought I would divide the posts into two so they weren’t too long!

The session lasted about an hour long and we went through the basics of hypnobirthing, what I intended to get out of the sessions, my thoughts and feelings on birth, and relaxation and breathing techniques.

So there are several benefits to hypnobirthing;

• pregnancy becomes a very positive experience and you learn to think differently about labour and birth – believe it or not I’m excited for my birth!!

• You will be more relaxed

• Research shows that women who practice HB have significantly shorter labour

• There is much less likely hood of needing pain relief and medical assistance with delivery

There are soooo many more but I’ve just listed a few 😊

So let’s talk breathing;

Many people think oh yeah deep breathing I know how to do that, I’ll just do that on the day when I go into labour. Well a good breathing technique is like anything if you want to be good at it, you have to practice!!

You’d be surprised at how a couple of minutes of deep breathing can really relax you, increase your oxygen supply and overall leave you feeling a lot calmer.

The longer you inhale and exhale the more you will increase relaxation and help balance the autonomic nervous system


Now I’m a true believe of ‘you say something enough you will start to believe it’ I often have quotes written around my house, on my phone and at work to encourage a positive mindset. This is completely relatable to labour and birth.

A few I use are;

• I am strong

• My body was built to give birth

• I trust my body

• Birth is a safe and wonderful experience

There are loaddsss and obviously you can custom these to your thoughts and needs, but whatever they are, they are important in the process for remaining positive and calm and providing you with a productive mindset.

There is tonnes more I could write about HB and my love for it, but I’ll save that for the next post! 😁 keep an eye out my lovelies ❤️❤️


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