Keep your head up

As Joshua’s second birthday approaches, I find myself looking back at the past two years. The ups, the downs, the highs and lows. The tears, fears and laughter. 

When Joshua was a baby I found it quite overwhelming, as I’m sure most first time mum’s do. But sometimes I found it really hard, like really. I remember looking at my other friends and thinking how do you guys make this look so f***ing easy!!Breastfeeding didn’t go to plan what so ever, I lasted about a month so this was another failure added to my belt in my eyes.
The baby stage is hard, you feed and change them 24/7. All they do is moan and not sleep. You change their clothes about 10 times a day and clean poo explosions. You do all this whilst trying to cook, clean, keep in touch with your friends, wear clean clothes, wash your hair, get changed out of your pyjamas and try and maintain a sex life. See hard. There is hope…. as time went on, it got easier and when I went back to work this was an adjustment that I welcomed and still enjoy.

Now that Joshua is a toddler, he has such a large personality. Like he is legitimately funny. I can actually spend time with Joshua and laugh and have fun. I am truly enjoying this stage. 

Don’t get me wrong, he drives me nuts 80% of the time. My house is constantly a mess, he eats me out of house and home, he is forever trying to destroy my make up, I haven’t been to the toilet alone in about 18 months and I’m sure I’ll age super fast from the lack of sleep. But…whilst writing this post he’s probably come up to me about 4 times and has wanted to give me hugs and kisses, it’s that 20% that I cherish and that makes up for the hard parts. He really is my best friend (at times 😂) He hasn’t learnt to really talk yet, but once he does and can say ‘I love you too’ I’ll probably die inside.So for anyone that is a new mum finding it hard in the baby stage, keep your head up girl. As people say it gets easier, that’s not just a dream you get sold 😉 With love from JadeXxX

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