Keeping us with us….

Dubai feels like a lifetime ago! I planned to write a part two Dubai post, however life seems to have caught up with me, so I thought I’d do a general all rounder update post.


The last few days in Dubai were lush, we went to the Dubai Mall, saw the amazing Fountains and went to the water park at The Atlantis which was fab! I have been to the water park once before but it was a totally different experience with Josh. They have just opened ‘Splashers World’ which is a bit inside the park specially for kids, which is fantastic. They have loads of lifeguards around to, so you can basically kick back and let your kids go round and round the slides. BLISS!

We also took a trip to the Lost Chambers, which is a little bit like London aquarium!

Josh loved the river rapid type canal, that you go round in a rubber donut, I even managed to sneak on with my bump! 😂

The flight home wasn’t too bad, between snacks and the iPad Josh was fine!

Back home, back to reality and shit loads of washing! Next holiday I’m having it all washed before we leave the hotel!

If you haven’t already watched it, my Dubai Vlog is up on my YouTube channel! 😍

Pregnancy Update

I’ve been very lucky to have a blessed pregnancy apart from some morning sickness at the beginning. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see i’ve still been keeping up with my workouts. However this past week, I’ve been incredibly tired and run down. Because of this I’ve listened to my body and rested. I had my 34 week check up today, baby is all good, heartbeat was nice and happy as they say, my bump is measuring spot on and baby’s head is down!!

My bp was 90/60 which is low, so I guess that accounts for feeling so run down. I’m still at work but finishing up in two weeks, so I think I’m definitely going to use the next couple of weeks to take it easy.

Little tip apparently hydration is really important if you have low blood pressure and lying on your left side!

Next appointment is at 36 weeks, where I’ll be discussing my birthing plan. I also plan to have one more session of hypnobirthing at around 37/38 weeks!

Life Update

Josh has been doing amazing lately with his speech, if you followed our journey at all you’ll know he had some S&L therapy last year. They did in fact offer some group sessions this month, however these were meant to come in January and it annoyed me they were all in the day with no flexibility. Typical NHS! Anyway Josh has been doing so well, so we decided he didn’t need them!

Joshua is sooo excited for the baby to come and asks when is the baby coming everyday. He also talks to the baby and kisses my tummy, which is so unbelievably cute I can’t deal!!! I honestly think he’s going to be the best big brother!!

We’ve got a busy 6 weeks ahead, my baby shower is next weekend, Joshua’s 3rd Birthday the week after, my partners birthday the week after that and my Dad’s birthday on my due date!!! Busy Bees!!

Not sure when I’ll be doing all this resting! 😂



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