Love you Mum…

Today is my Mum’s birthday….we had arranged to go to Westfield for a spot of shopping and lunch. I had also arranged for my partner to look after Joshua so we could enjoy the afternoon without it being full of tantrums! We had a lovely afternoon wondering around the shops. I haven’t been actual clothes shopping in forever without Joshua, I think the last time I tried on clothes in a shop was about 18 months ago! I bought some new clothes, as I have a few exciting things coming up and we went for Afternoon Tea at Caffè Concerto. If you haven’t been to one before the decor and atmosphere are extremely grand and glamorous. A baby grand piano and large crystal chandeliers fill the restaurant. 

The staff were very friendly and our Afternoon Tea was served fairly quickly. The presentation was also fab. 
The sandwiches were lovely, they had good fillings and were very tasty.The scones were warm and fluffy and the cakes and desserts were delicious. 

The Afternoon Tea also comes with the option of having a glass of Prosecco, obviously we opted for Prosecco.Afternoon Tea is something I absolutely love. I have been to loads of places and this place definitely didn’t disappoint.
We had a lovely afternoon and I would 100% recommend.
My mum and I are insanely close, she is my best friend. I know everyone thinks this, but my mum really is the greatest.

Happy Birthday Mum! Love you loads!
With love from Jade

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