Lowdown on Legoland

So today Josh and I went to Legoland with my friend Helen and her son for his 3rd birthday! I’ve never actually been) and it’s been open since the 90’s) so I was excited to go!

The weather was lovely so we thought it would be a perfect day for it.

Legoland is a great place for the family, however the day wasn’t perfect for us 😂 you know me I’m always honest with you guys;

1. Legoland is a pricey – £47 for a ticket and that’s an advance price, I think if you buy it on the day it’s way more!! The food is also very expensive and kind of crap!

2. Make sure you do not go in half term if you can avoid it, 3 year olds do not like queuing for rides or food. Actually everyone hates queuing! FML

3. Going at 28 weeks pregnant was probably not the wisest idea as there was a lot of standing around, which makes me feel restless at the moment, but not sure Helen liked standing around either and she’s not pregnant loll

4. I actually woke up yesterday with hardly any voice, hence the Phil Mitchell voice if anyone watched my insta stories 😂 so trying to scream after a toddler that wonders off was basically impossible!

5. Toddlers walk sllloowwwwwww, but Joshua hates a stroller so I’m fucked either way!

Despite the moans and groans, it actually is quite fun for kids. Just perhaps slightly older ones.

When I go again, I think I’ll do more strategic planning!!


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