Old Friends

The weekend was quite busy for us…I intended to write a short post yesterday but spent most of the day hanging!Saturday, it was an old school friend’s birthday so a large group of us went to Hakkasan, Hanway Place. It was great to see everyone together, it’s hard as you get older and your life gets busier to make time for old friends.  

I had never been to Hakkasan, but had only heard good things. I wasn’t disappointed! The cocktails were to die for and the food was yummy. It’s quite pricey, but definitely worth it for a special occasion. The ‘Hakka’ cocktail is insane and a must have.A night of friends, family, food, cocktails and laughter was well enjoyed…it was good to see people I’ve known for over 10 years living and loving life ❤️Sunday morning approaches….I open one eye after 4 hours sleep and realise I’m hangggging!! It hits me, oh yes I’m a mum no lie in for me! 😂 note to self negotiate lie in with other half before Sunday morning.As the sun was in full force….we went to the park with a few friends, as I looked around I envied everyone that was sunbathing, drinking and chilling. No, not me I was running after Josh who decided he was a homeless starving child who needed to beg for food or steal other children’s toys…nightmare. So while my friends relaxed I ran around in the sand pit with a hangover. F**k you Hakka! 

9.30pm approaches and I find my eyes closing…Bedtime for all….Xx

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