Our Week So Far….

I’ve been super busy this past week so haven’t had a chance to blog much… 🙁We decided that we would treat ourselves to a new kitchen and to save on cost we would fit it ourselves. Not sure what smart arse thought that part up? So on Wednesday we ripped out our old kitchen and on Thursday the new one arrived…It was actual hard graft…and yes I got involved and helped, I didn’t just make tea 😂I thought I’d share a few pictures of the progress so far, we are super proud of how far we have come, considering none of us are kitchen fitters 😂😂 

Joshua’s godmother had him overnight on Thursday and took him to the safari on Friday…he absolutely loved it! He always has a lovely time with her and she’s a true gem ❤️

Our Easter weekend was a bit of a blur, as I had half a kitchen and was arguing every 5 mins with my partner about whose smart idea it was to do this ourselves. I’m sure he just pretended not to hear my constant muttering 😂Joshua and I went to my parents on Sunday, where my mum had hidden loads of eggs in attempt to get Joshua to do an Easter egg hunt. This was hilarious, he showed no interest, in the end we just did it for him and gave him a bucket of Easter eggs. 
Not sure this was the best idea as he then refused to eat his roast dinner or even sit in the high chair. He screamed and screamed so I took him out, he then proceeded to try and destroy everything in sight. I wasn’t impressed as the roast dinner I had been looking forward to was just thrown down my throat.

Monday was spent running around doing kitchen stuff before getting ready for the week ahead which I had anticipated was going to be a mammoth week! My partner is off to LA for a week (I know jammy sod) and I have a busy week at work so couldn’t take any time off…the morning drop off and pick up is normally my partners role as he is self employed and has flexible hours. 
So this week I am gearing myself up for; screaming, swearing, crying from both me and Joshua and just all over stress 😂Wish me luck…. 

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