Parent Friendly My Arse…

So today I met up with a friend for a catch up and decided to go to my local Starbucks. The Starbucks in Queens Park, is a NCT parent friendly store….apparently. They even have a poster on the wall stating this.

When we were there today Joshua threw a few mini Wobblies and made a bit of noise but generally was just playing around and laying his sandwich on the side strategically (as toddlers do)
The staff in Starbucks kept on looking over at me and giving me unsavoury looks because Joshua was spilling his muffin on the floor and even though they were speaking in Italian, I could tell they were speaking about me.
Please bare in mind it was 2pm and the store was quite quiet. Now their looks made me uncomfortable but I decided to ignore them.
After being there for about half an hour, Joshua hit a jar with his toy, the staff member rushed over and started having a go at me about this saying it was dangerous and then started moaning that Joshua’s sandwich was on the side. 
I explained to the staff member that he did not need to be rude and make me feel uncomfortable, the couple next to me also jumped in and made comments.
Immediately I packed up our belongings and left, embarrassed and upset. 
So f*** you Starbucks. Sorry I don’t have an  angel child, sorry he makes noise, sorry I even brought my child outside!
Now Joshua isn’t the easiest toddlers, but he’s not the spawn of Satan!
I wanted to share my experience in case anyone has been through this also. You are not alone!
Parent friendly my arse….rant over! 
With love from Jade

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