Peppa on the big screen..

What can I say about Peppa Pig….well Peppa is a little diva and sooo annoying, George’s only word is no, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig are alright except for everyone and I mean everyone mugs off Daddy Pig 24/7 😂😂. I’m not sure if it teaches our children the greatest of behaviour but at this moment in my life I do not care!! Whoever invented Peppa Pig deserves the Noble Peace Prize! It captivates children in a way that nothing else can…I have no shame in admitting that I let Joshua watch 2 hours of Peppa Pig on YouTube just so I can rest, cook, clean, work or whatever I need to do.So when I read that Peppa Pig was being released at cinema, I decided this was definitely something we needed to go and see.

We went this afternoon with a friend and her son, Harry. (Whom I absolutely adore😍) 

We took them for lunch first…and then off for the 2.30pm showing. The boys loved it!!! They were screaming ‘Peppa’, dancing along and laughing. They were in their element! It was lovely to watch and I got to scroll through Daily Mail for a while 😂It’s basically new never seen episodes played back to back with short intervals which include sing a long songs and a rather over excited female entertainer named Daisy. I believe she’s the same person from Peppa Pig Live. It was an hour long which was just about right for toddlers. If your children love Peppa Pig then this is worth a visit. Under 2’s are free.
One piece of advice it has about 20 mins worth of trailers so if you have a child that cannot sit still (like josh) get there 20 mins late so you just watch the actual film.We ended the day with an impromptu trip to the park then off home…All in all, a good day ❤

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