Peppa Pig World

I have heard so many great things about Peppa Pig World so last week we decided to give it a try with a few friends.

Now I’m not sure who was more excited, the adults or the kids 😂As it is the summer holidays we decided to try and get there for when the park opened so we could try and avoid the queues.So…. Peppa Pig World is a small section within Paultons Theme Park. Paultons theme park on a whole is quite good for young children as doesn’t get as busy as Thorpe Park. Now PP world is absolutely great!! They have rides such as; windy castle, helicopters and the balloon ride. If you are a die hard fan like Josh and I are you will remember all of these from the programme. 😂 There is also a fantastic soft play, playground and a meet and greet with Peppa and Daddy Pig. 

I managed to get through the day with Josh only throwing about 3 mini tantrums. He has the agility of Cheetah so I literally spent most the day running after him, but hey it’s all exercise.The weather was glorious, the company was lovely and we thoroughly enjoyed the day and will 100% be going back. I think next time we will try and avoid the school holidays, as the queues for the rides were a bit long and as you can imagine toddlers don’t like queues 😂P.s I also made a mini vlog when we when to PP World….it’s a bit crap, I’m a newbie at vlogging and editing and my camera also needs an upgrade! But anyway….keep an eye out for that tomorrow! ❤️❤️
With love fromJade xxx 

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