Shop of the month-HEMA

I wanted to share my absolute obsession with my favourite shop at the moment. HEMAHEMA is a little bit like the shop Tiger, for anyone that hasn’t been to either before. HEMA is a shop that sells anything and everything. And I don’t mean Poundland crap everything. I mean items that are actually good quality. Think of it a little bit like Ikea without the large furniture. HEMA is a Dutch brand that in 2014 opened its first stores in the U.K. The growing popularity means they are popping up in more and more places. There is one in Euston, which is where I work. Most days I pop in there to see what bits and bobs I can buy that day. Firstly let me confess that I am a buyer. Meaning I literally just want to buy stuff 24/7 it doesn’t really matter what it is. I just love that new purchase feeling. I’m talking I get this from buying a new pen. My two favourite sections are the stationary and the kids section. I am a massive stationary fan, I love gorgeous notebooks, fancy pads, sticky notes, anything really to make me feel inspired. So I’m literally a sucker for half the items in the shop. AND it’s all so cheap! I also love wooden toys for Joshua, there’s something about wooden toys that just isn’t the same as plastic ones. HEMA has loads of lovely wooden toys including educational ones, as well as cute plates, bowls, cups etc.They also sell make up, food, cookware, cards, techie bits, seasonal items, the list goes on.It makes a great place for those last minute gift ideas, or secret Santa (yes I’m talking about Christmas already 😂)I went in today and thought I’d share a few gorgeous bits I was loving. 

So if you’re like me and are addicted to buying ‘stuff’ pop to your local HEMA and check it out. 
Their website also has an array of items and they deliver!!! I promise you won’t be disappointed Love Jade
XxX*this is not a paid review, all the opinions and thoughts are of my own  

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