Sleepless in London

As I write this post my eyes are burning, I can barely keep them open!Every night I think I must be asleep by 10.30pm tonight incase Joshua wakes in the night…this never happens!2.30am…Joshua wakes up and climbs into our bed…not too bad I thought he’ll fall back asleep in a minute. Well last night Joshua decided to he was refusing to sleep with a nappy and had to and I mean had to take it off! This argument lasted until 4.30am…I contemplated letting him take it off and waking up in a pool of piss…but I then I thought maybe not.As my alarm went off at 6.30am I almost cried…Joshua was still fast asleep! 😩How I envied the stay at home mum’s today that would be able to sleep when they sleep! Maybe I could sleep under my desk at work..

*coffee my only saviour 
Today is the 11th, which means in two months time Joshua will be two years old. It feels like just yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital…this morning’s feeling has definitely reminded me of those newborn sleepless nights. 

Fast forward almost two years later, will I ever sleep or am I just destined to look 40 by the time I’m 30. Only time will tell. 

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