Speech & Language – the final chapter

A couple of people have asked about Joshua’s speech and language journey since I shared our therapy sessions last year.

You’ll be pleased to know Joshua has made loads of progress. You can’t have a full convo with him yet lol, but week by week he surprises us with new little sentences.

He’s also started using the sound for the action instead of the word. (No idea if that made any sense lol) basically he’ll say ‘Mum i want ahhhh (gasping sound) which obvs means a drink and ‘Mum I want num num’ which is usually the sound we say for eating! The main thing is we can understand each other!

We are very proud. He’s a lovely little soul who we fall more in love with everyday! Although his favourite saying is ‘go away mum’ 😂 and ‘Mum, horsey’ no child I’m pregnant you can’t use me as horse for a game, ask your dad!! 😂😂

So a few people messaged me and said they had the same concerns I did last year and asked if the S&L helped.

If I’m completely honest the therapy was ok but I’m not sure it made much difference to Joshua’s speech. I would definitely recommend seeking some professional help if you are worried especially for us first time mums, we can be worriers!!

Typically the NHS only provided 4 sessions (which were often rushed) and then they said they would write to us in January to give Joshua a few group sessions – they never did. I didn’t chase this up because I felt he was making good progress on his own.

I talked about some of the techniques and tips they gave us here so if your child is taking their time saying those first few sentences, try them out.

But put it this way if this baby is the same, I will probably just give them a little time and remember that all children learn at their own pace.

However what I will say is mothers always know best, so just trust your instincts! ❤️


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