Squatting during pregnancy

If you only do one exercise during pregnancy, make sure it’s a squat. Whether this is a front squat, sumo squat, goblet squat or traditional squat. Don’t miss out!

There are several benefits of squatting during pregnancy.

Pelvic Floor

It increases your pelvic floor strength, so unless you want to constantly wet yourself after having your babies, get squatting ladies!

Reduces lower back pain

When you’re pregnant those sneaky hormones loosen up ligaments which can cause loads of problems and pain!!! As your glute is a large muscle, strong glutes help stabilise your joints which prevent this pain.

Prepares you for birth

The position you are in when you squat is also a great position for giving birth, so if you already have strong leg muscles when you try this position during labour your legs won’t give up from fatigue

Shorter 2nd stage labour

During labour there are 3 stages, the 1st – when your cervix dilates to 10cm, the 2nd – when the baby moves down and is born and the 3rd – when you give birth to the placenta. During my first labour my 1st stage was hhhoouurrrsss, which is often common with first time mums. However my second stage (pushing stage) was 5-10mins. My midwife was very impressed and told me that was definitely down to me being fit! Squatting during labour helps the baby descend deeper into the pelvis giving you more room to push!!

There are also loads of reasons why you shouldn’t squat during pregnancy if you have a medical condition so please seek professional advice before exercising while pregnant.

What works for me doesn’t work for everyone!!

But if it does, happy squatting ladies!


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