Struggling with weight gain during pregnancy

Since starting my blog I’ve always prided myself in being honest. What’s the point of only sharing the good moments…

When I was pregnant with Joshua I gained about 15kg….which I lost pretty quickly. I always had this idea that when I got pregnant the second time round I would hardly gain any weight because 1. I was quite fit now and had a few abs lol 2. I was slimmer now than ever (61kg) and 3. I had a toddler to run around after so who had time to eat.

I had this image of myself exactly the same but with a bump….you know like you see on Instagram.

Well, was I a fool. I’m 22 weeks and have already gained 10kg! I’ve gained lots of extra body fat and cellulite and lost a lot of muscle. I can’t fit into any of my gym clothes anymore and have had to resort to maternity gym leggings which make you feel like such a frump. I have always been a firm believer in ‘if you look good in the gym, you’ll feel good’

Today I looked at myself in the gym and really struggled. I came home and had a little cry. I know some people will read this and look at my photos and think I’m being ridiculous, but it’s relative to me. 10kg is a lot of weight and more than average for the pregnancy stage I’m in, so I know I have gained too much too fast. It’s simple if you eat more than you burn you gain weight.

I know weight gain is all part of pregnancy, but for some reason I’m really struggling with my body changes this time round. I find myself getting really down and upset. It probably doesn’t help that I have 100 hormones rushing around at the same time which can make you feel a bit wobbly at the best of times. Luckily I have a lovely partner who tells me I’m beautiful every day. Hopefully I’ll start to feel better soon!

Don’t get me wrong strange as it sounds after reading this I love being pregnant and having a bump and think the human body is amazing. I just wish I wasn’t so round everywhere else

So I’m sorry if this post is a little depressing but I wanted to share how I felt incase there was anyone else out there that was pregnant and could relate. Also I wanted to let any other pregnant ladies out there that’s ok to feel a bit rubbish about your changing bodies and not everyone is going to remain a size 8 with a football bump like you see on insta!

before pregnancy…

now – 22 weeks pregnant


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