Super Sunday

The end is in sight… (think happy thoughts)
5.55am our day begins. As Josh now refuses to lie in bed until a reasonable time, I lugged my quilt upstairs and made a bed on the floor and attempted to go back to sleep whilst Josh watched Peppa! (Don’t judge me) This failed! So I wrote a few posts and did housework!
12.15pm…CRASH!! Josh drifts off, I contemplate, having a bath, doing more housework or reading a book! Nope forget that I’m having a snooze! I awake an hour and a half later completely out of sorts and remember why I hate sleeping in the day! 
We shuffle off to the park, the weather is glorious and I’ve decided we are all lacking vitamin d so must have plenty!
As Queens Park is our local I decided to venture slightly, and go to St Marks Park in Ladbroke Grove. It’s a lovely hidden park, with a charming cafe, large play area and a splash pool which opens in the summer!

After a couple hours, much to Joshua’s delight and full blown tantrum we leave to go home and have dinner!
I survived the weekend…let the week commence 

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