Table for 2…

So as I mentioned before, my partner has gone to LA for a week on a boys holiday. So it’s just me and Joshua this week, I made sure I was organised on Monday night, so that Tuesday morning was as stress free as possible. I set my alarm for 6.40am and much to my surprise I woke up before Joshua! It’s almost like children have a sixth sense!! We were dressed, fed & ready to go by 8.15am. I was able to drop him off and get to work on time. I even managed to go to the gym before I picked him up at 6.30pm

I looked after my partners little sister in the evening…although this probably wasn’t the greatest idea on my first mock single mum life night 😂 she’s 5 and her and Joshua just tease, scream and hit each other. Basically they are little terrors! In the end I left them to it.

After Joshua went to bed we watched TV and one born every minute was on, I thought she must be old enough to watch this…hmm not sure. ‘Jade, where do babies come from’ ‘Jade omg the baby is coming out her bum’ Jade, is it going to hurt me when I have a baby’ ‘Are babies naked in your tummy’ 😂😂😂 That was the highlight of my evening Thursday wasn’t as smooth….Joshua discovered an Easter egg and decided he must eat that at 7.45am…obvs I wasn’t going to let him eat it, even though I was tempted for an easy life 😂
As a result of my decision he decided to moan for 10 minutes. I wasn’t built to withstand moaning, it drives me nuts and I literally want to throw myself on the floor and scream after 2 mins. I was always sh*t at that controlled crying rubbish, I don’t know how anyone can stand the noise.We eventually got to his childminders and the evening and bedtime went fairly smoothly…I had a whole load of crap tv to watch so I was glad.

Friday’s are my day off so I usually try and do something fun with Joshua..I had a doctors appointment in the morning, luckily the doctors had some sort of baby crap to play with and my dad came to collect him from the doctors and take him for a walk! Thank god for grandads!

We went to Snakes & Ladders in Syon Park with some friends in the afternoon which is probably one of the best soft play’s in London, in my opinion.
It’s a bit pricey but it’s massive, clean, has free parking, a good café and a really good under 5’s area & outside playground! Lots to offer for all ages! 


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