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I thought I’d do a review to share my absolute love for my cordless dyson v6 total clean.This is a bold statement to make, but this literally changed my life!I brought this a couple months ago when we decided to buy a new kitchen. I hated the vacuum I had before and it was also kept in the cupboard of doom!!! Whenever I had to get it out I muttered and swore, anyone that has a cupboard of doom will understand. It’s that cupboard that has all your sh*t in, you squeeze everything in and can barely shut the door and when you do get things out everything collapses, hits your toe and you got nuts😂There were two other reasons I brought it; 1. I live in a spilt level maisonette with a sh*t load of stairs so vacuuming is a nightmare!!
2. I have a toddler that throws food on the floor like he’s feeding fu**ing pigeonsOk so a bit about My Bestie….There are a few versions of the Dyson Cordless Vacuum, they are all pretty good but the total v6 has almost 75% more suction than the original one and comes with additional attachments. Two heads for hard floor and carpet, a mini motorised one and two tools for cleaning in those hard to reach areas. At 2.8kg it’s fairly light for you to carry round. It has 20 mins of suction time and comes with this cool docking station which you attach to a wall. You can also slot the two small attachments in it so they don’t get lost.There is a max button for more powerful suction for those tougher areas. Another thing that’s great about this is it’s easier to empty quick push button that releases the dirt. No more emptying big vacuums and the dirt going everywhere, just simple push the button over a bin.It also quickly converts to a smaller handheld device for smaller areas or cars.I’m literally in love with this gorgeous thing! 

I chose to do the review today as I noticed Curry’s have a sale on. It’s reduced from £449.99 to £249.99 this comes with a two year guarantee also.
I have included the link below…
Currys Total CordlessI know it’s a tad pricey but believe me it’s totally worth it!! One last incentive…my partner has actually started vacuuming the house (this is a big achievement for us) as he says it’s so much easier now!! So if that’s not a good enough reason I don’t know what is 😂😂 
** this is not a paid review, all the opinions and thoughts are of my own

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