The Couple Next Door..

A few weeks ago I bought myself a few new books on the off chance that I would get more than 5 minutes to myself and be able to read one.

Well three weeks later I managed to finish ‘The Couple Next Door’ usually I whizz through books in a few days but those days are a distant memory.
This book is a typical ‘don’t put down book’. Easy to read and the story line is extremely capturing. The author Shari Lapena leaves you wanting more throughout the book…
It’s a gripping thriller about a couple who leave their child alone to go to a dinner party next door, only to find her gone when they return.
You find yourself feeling angry, but sorry for the parents at the same time. There are twists and turns throughout the book and an ending that you would never guess. 
It is a complete realistic scenario, which is scary! 
Obvs I don’t want to ruin the book for you….so grab yourself a copy and have a read.
I can see why it made the Sunday Times best seller list! 
With love from Jade

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