Time Hopping

As Timehop continues to remind me that this time three years ago I was in Thailand, I thought I’d do a throwback blog post about my trip there. My partner and I went for two weeks when we were a loved up, new relationship, kissing 24/7 type of couple. Not that we aren’t loved up anymore, but 4 years and a child later I think most people will agree you’re not kissing 24/7 😂

Our trip to Thailand was a spontaneous decision, when I say spontaneous I mean we literally booked it a few nights before, packed a small rucksack and off we went.

We both had always had a love for the culture and vibrancy south east Asia has to offer so as we hadn’t been yet, Thailand was right up our street. We booked our flights and our first three nights in a hotel in Bangkok and that was it. We decided to travel with Air India. Big Mistake. Imagine the film Soul Plane but the Indian version. But hey it made for a good story. We stopped off in New Delhi, which had a modern airport. I wondered around, bought stuff and had henna drawn on my hand. We were only there for a few hours before we were on our flight to Bangkok.

When we arrived in Bangkok, we were greeted with the thick air, humid atmosphere, different smells and lots of traffic!

We jumped in a cab and headed to our hotel, we dropped our bags off and headed straight into the city to grab something to eat and explore. We were both amazed with the culture and instantly fell in love. Our first stop to eat was China Town, where I had probably not the greatest of choice as I had food poisoning for the next two days!!

There is nothing to test love like that! 😂 After I had got over my bout of illness we headed into Khao Sok, which was in Surat Thani on an over night bus where I had, on recommendation booked for us to spend 2 days in a small village in the middle of a national lake. These were literally little huts on pieces of wood floating in the lake. When we arrived at what we thought was the right bus stop we wondered around, showing anyone we could find our directions which were in Thai. We ended up on the back of a moped (yes both of us) to get a lift to the right place. We were delighted that most people we came across were welcoming and friendly.  Once we finally arrived at the national park we were stunned by the beauty of it. We hopped on a thai speed boat and were taken to our home for the next two days.

The next few days were spent, kayaking, swimming in caves, hiking and going to bed when it got dark. (There were no lights) the guides and chefs were all local people. The project was all about building sustainable communities. It was probably the best part of the holiday. I’m not sure I can remember the exact link, but I have included a similar one below. If you are going to Thailand and aren’t afraid of roughing it for a few nights it’s defo something I’d recommend.

After this we travelled to Koh Samui & Koh Phi Phi, both beautiful islands that have lots to offer. It’s here you’ll find the beautiful white sandy beaches, warm crystal clear water and all over postcard holiday stuff. There are lots of island tours, elephant trekking, zip lining that you can do in Koh Samui. Koh Phi Phi is a bit smaller so is mainly beachy and somewhere to party. However there are relaxing quiet hotels on the other sides of the island if you want to be out of the hustle and bustle of street drinking life. We used booking.com and Agoda to book all our hotels and booked these as we went along throughout our trip This was possibly one of the best holidays I’ve ever had, we saw as much of the island as we could squeeze in, in our 2 weeks there. We ate, drank, explored, took way too many photos and really soaked everything in. We did so much, theres no way I could fit it all in this post!

Couples, families, friends….it suits everyone. I would 100% go back, as there’s still so much of Thailand I didn’t see and we truely fell in love. Thailand, hopefully I will see you soon. Love from Jade XxX 

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