Tornado Joshua

As I work full time (with Fridays off) I’m always trying to find fun and energy draining activities to do with Joshua on the weekends. Joshua is currently in the stage where he’s like a tornado..he destroys everything in his path. Literally…
Here’s a few things we got up to on Friday
Toddlers World & Swimming
Kensington Leisure Centre (Kensington New Pools for anyone over the age of 26 that grew up in that area) is the new – ish and improved leisure centre. Its a great place to go, its clean, bright, modern and also affordable 🙂
TW is basically a bouncy castle, soft play, inflatables and other baby crap! It’s located in the sports hall in the basement so there is also shit loads of space for kids to just run! It is on every week day 9.30-11.00. So great for early risers! Joshua currently thinks it’s ok to wake up at 5.55, so by 8am I’m dying by death of Peppa Pig! At £3.50 you can’t really go wrong..
After this Josh still wasn’t tired (surprise, surprise) so I decided to take him swimming. We recently went on a family holiday to Mexico and brought Josh an inflatable swimming jacket from the gift shop. BEST THING EVER!! We were gutted we only discovered this at the end of the holiday. He spent the first 9 days trying to climb out the little inflatable baby seat and then drown!
They are only £4.99 on eBay…toats worth it!!

Since then he’s loved the water and to my broken heart..his independence. **cry face**
There are several horror stories about public pools. Are they clean or are they yucky?? I’m happy to say KLS has done a fantastic job at keeping the pools clean and WARM! Whoever invented cold pools clearly wasn’t a parent. There is a splash pool and also a teaching pool.

I cant remember the exact price, but it was under £5.00 for us both.
There are also clean and fairly spacious family changing rooms and a lovely cafe. So on a whole for under £8.50 you can’t really go wrong. And my end goal was met…Joshua was so tired he konked out as soon as we left!

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