Two kids life..

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask me since having Olivia, is how is life with two kids?

When I was pregnant my OH and I spoke to various people that had two children and there were very mixed reviews lol… most said the transition was easy, and as you were already used to one child, the next one kind of slots in however a few others said…your life is finished and it’s soooo hard. Obviously the bad thoughts stick with you, well they did with my OH anyway!

I was quite relaxed about having another child and excited! I was really looking forward to seeing Josh with his new sibling.

We made a real point of keeping Joshua involved throughout the pregnancy, we took him to all the scans, encouraged him to talk to the baby (my belly) and explained to him what would happen when the baby finally arrived.

When I finally gave birth (I was six days late) Joshua came to the hospital that evening, he was really excited but also a bit confused….I think he was trying to work out how the baby got here to be honest 😂 he left after about an hour…he lost interest very quickly.

As he is only 3, I told him it was like doing a big poo and I popped the baby out, so even to this day….he says ‘mummy popped baby’

The first couple days were ok, as Joshua continued to go to childcare…I also had lots of people around to help out. Olivia slept loads as newborns do, and luckily she didn’t have reflux or colic etc. I was exclusively BF and she cluster fed ALOT, sometimes that was hard as Joshua would often ask for something when I was feeding and would get a bit frustrated when I couldn’t get it that minute. I quickly had to adapt and become a master of juggling lol….I would have Olivia attached to the boob, while I scrambled eggs, heated up milk and read bedtime stories. For me this really made a difference, as Joshua didn’t feel too pushed out. I didn’t want his routine to change too much….

There was one day, when Joshua got upset and said ‘no mum, no feeding baby’ and tried to pull my pillow …. luckily my mum was there so she helped out…but honestly apart from that one occasion there hasn’t been any moments of jealously at all…which I’m really grateful for.

Most of the time he just wants to kiss her, which includes leaning on her leg 😂 or trying to wake her up (which drives me nuts)

One of my worries was…how will I function on the days I have to look after them both, when I will have been up all night feeding a baby. Joshua hardly slept at night, so I was preparing myself for the same. I have been really lucky and Olivia has always only ever woken up once or twice a night. As I’m BF I don’t have to get up during the night which is a dream….sleep deprivation changes everything…so I count myself extremely lucky.

What I will say, is getting out of the house with a toddler and a baby is a hustle! It takes ages, I always forget something and most of the time I get in car feeling flustered lol. What I’ve learnt so far, is plan ahead, be organised and be prepared to put up with crying. If I’m leaving at 12pm, I’ll start getting everyone ready, bags packed, close windows etc ages before, to allow for poo explosions, outfit changes and other annoying things that set you back lol

My house is currently always messy at the moment also, which I hate! But until Olivia gets a decent nap pattern…there’s always something more important to do…so I’ve just come to terms with the fact I live in shit hole at the moment 😂 If I was well off, I’d 100% get a cleaner!

Now on the whole it has been a smooth transition, we’ve kept Joshua in childcare 3 full days a week which has helped a lot! I have no idea how I’d manage otherwise…hats off to women who do! You guys deserve the world!!

We’ve settled into family of four life….but sometimes I do look around and think wow I’ve got two kids, how did that happen.

On a whole I love family life and spending time together and I wouldn’t change it for the world….however I lose my shit at least every other day, but do you know what who cares 😂

It is hard, but not as hard as the first one that’s for sure. And….it’s totally worth it!

One last thing….while Olivia is still quite small, I’m aware it’s probably easier. Ask of me in a year when she’s running around like a nutter …. I maybe rocking in a corner with prosecco.


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