Water Babies on a budget!

When I was pregnant with Olivia I was convinced I was going to sign her up for Water babies as soon as she was born. I had meant to with Josh but had never really got round to it…

When I did some research I found there was one literally a 5 mins walk from my house….result I thought! I had a look through their website and filled in the contact us form, as they conveniently left the prices off. But how expensive could it be, and I desperately wanted the obligatory underwater baby pic!

Well when they called, they tried to give me the hard sell….then they hit me with the price! Over £200 per term….sorry hello excuse me! I almost choked on my breakfast!

I politely told them I would have a think and call back….NOT!

I was disappointed but even if I wasn’t on maternity leave, that price just didn’t seem justified. The lessons are 30mins!

Anyway after a few weeks I decided to have look elsewhere, my local leisure centre had recently had a complete refurbishment so I inquired about swimming lessons there. They advised they started from 4/5 months and were weekly 30 min lessons. Amazing I thought and then the best part came ….. wait for it! £25pm!!!! Well safe to say I signed up straight away 😂 I even signed up Josh for weekly lessons also!

We had our first session last week, and we absolutely loved it!! The teaching pool is really warm (which is a must 😂) and the teacher is great! We learnt some great techniques and even did the whole dunking them under water thing which Olivia wasn’t too keen on! 😂 But apparently they get used to it quite quickly

I exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait for our next lesson!

Joshua also had his first lesson last week, I was a little worried he would be nervous with me leaving him, but he was absolutely fine! The classes are really small 4/5 so they each got a lot of attention! These lessons are also 30 mins which is kind of annoying for the parents – all that faff getting them changed etc by the time I sat down to have my coffee it was time to get up 😂 but I think all swimming lessons at this age are that duration tbh.

Anyway both lessons were a great success and we all can’t wait to continue!

I wanted to a do a blog post, as I read so many on water babies raving about how good it was! But let’s face it not everyone can afford over £200 for 10 lessons even if you do get a free underwater shoot lol

I’ll do one at home thanks 😂

If you continued them all year you’d be looking at near £800!!!

Loads of local leisure centres do swimming lessons for affordable prices, so before you get caught up go take a look!!




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